Recently I bought a green screen on an auction website and started a mini-career of making short videos, initially for a module at work but eventually it took on a life of its own. The first one is the first effort and it doesn't use a green screen - a teaser for my book Tales of Resilience with a work colleague providing some of the voice:


The Personal is Political: this was the introduction to a module on 'wicked problems' in nursing and healthcare. Hopefully its key point has a relevance that stands alone from the module.

Nurses as Heores fighting Covid-19: in the UK and I think many other countries, governments started referring to health workers as heroes in a battle against the new, devastating coronavirus. Many died. But the label sat extremely uneasily for many health workers who felt that they were not being adequately protected nor likely to be rewarded in terms of pay and conditions.

Many people in the UK wonder why nursing is not more powerful in terms of industrial relations. This short piece asks this question and offers some answers from one of the RCN's previous General Secretaries.

In my books on resilience I included material about bullying. Here are two short videos about the topic. The first introduces some of the structural factors that make bullying more likely to happen and the second offers some suggestions for ways to respond.

Here is a rather longer video. Its a presentation about nursing and its professional challenges, some critiques of the professions, how nursing has responded and some of the benefits for nurses to be found in university education. Because I put it together for an invited talk, it originally featured more material about nursing in the Baltic states - some traces remain. Then I repackaged it for a talk at Middlesex University and finally posted it here.