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April 2019: How time hurries on. I've recently delivered the manuscript, and accompanying photographs of my next book, Tales of Resilience, stories from the front line of nursing, to Routledge and they say it could be out by the Autumn. Its based on stories and other things told to me by nurses and once-nurses.

March 2017: I spent the summer finishing my latest book that I am very proud of, Critical Resilience for Nurses. The cover could look something like this:

book cover

It is being published by Routledge and coming out in March 2017. The argument is that those who urge nurses to take up resilience skills confuse the trauma inherent in nursing work - dealing with the sick and dying - with organisational and policy dysfunctions that result from political decisions about healthcare and nursing within it. Too often the urge to resilience is a call to acquiesce to the political status quo. I offer an alternative which I call critical resilience.

March 2016: We have a research centre, the Centre for Critical Research in Nursing & Midwifery with a website here.


March 2016: and the text book written with Helen Allan, Pam Smith and Danny Kelly is published, to be launched at the RCN Research Conference in Edinburgh. Its available here.


June 2013: my book is coming out in September

nursing in context

You can order it from Palgrave's website

December 2012: I'm reading four PhD theses over Christmas judging the 2013 Akinsanya award

September 2012: I sent my book manuscript to Palgrave two days ahead of schedule

May 2012: Middlesex University is advertising for upto 100 new senior academic posts incuding two possible professors in nursing.

April 2012: The RCN Research Society annual conference in London. I was chair of the organising committee and got the benefit of running a Q and A with Peter Carter, CEO of the RCN to provide some data for the last chapter of my book. Other images are at my Flickr

rcn- peter

December 2011: I got a book contract with Palgrave to write something called very approximately 'The Politics of Nursing in the 21st Century'. I'm trying to finish it by October 2012.

June 2011: I've got the SSNR blog going: click here and a twitter account @socscinurse

December 2010: I've just joined the RCN Research Society Steering Committee. We spent a day last week deciding which abstracts would go into the 2011 annual conference. We also ran our third Nursing Research and Social Science talk/dinners at Archway in London. See our new website for more details

July 2009: The contribution of Social Sciences to nursing and health services research. Event at Middlesex University in Archway

Here's Celia Davies and Davina Allen, discussant and speaker respectively.

September 2008: I've just registered for the third In sickness and in health conference. Its in April next year in Vancouver.



Here's left to right: Sioban Nelson, Anthony Pryce and Niels Buus.

September 2008: I've just registered for the third In sickness and in health conference. Its in April next year in Vancouver.

March 2008: I'm off for ten days visiting University of Melbourne department of General Practice and nursing dept to give talks on discourse analysis and run writing for publication workshops for staff and post grads.

April 2007: still here (there) and recently sent off the team's shadow Research Assessment Exercise stuff off to our external adviser.

March 2007 Making Medicine Count Conference Cambridge on the Evidence Based Movements where I was a discussant - or something like that:

crash dinner

July 2006: missed redundancy as Middlesex Uni put all its professors under review. We had 10 days to find out whether we had jobs or not.

October/November 2006 Visit to the Chinese University of Hong Kong where there are some impressive Buddhist artefacts


May 2006 My trip to the University of Toronto to give a talk to the Faculty of Nursing:Here's me and editor of Nursing Inquiry, Sioban Nelson

me and sioban

November 9th (2005) was the evening I did my inaugural lecture at Middlesex.

September 2005: Our Social World conference in Cambridge on social software and business. I felt naked without a wireless card. The attenders idea of being sociable was hiding behind their laptop screens.

August 2005: Trip to Denmark for a nursing conference. Danes dancing the jig in the old railway building in Aarhus.

Gary Rolfe's talk

May 2004:

On June 1st I leave my two half jobs at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and The Health Foundation to go to Middlesex University to take up the Trevor Clay Chair of Nursing.

I will be based at the University's Archway campus.

A few weeks later I'm flying (on Iceland Express rather than a broomstick) to Iceland for a conference 'In Sickness and in Health'. I'm giving a paper based on some focus groups I ran with a colleague last year. We asked nurses about influences on their practice and inevitably talked most about 'evidence' - as well as diets and lip balm which was much more interesting. (I have changed my lip balm as a result.)

1985 nostalgia: Am four from left back row. In those days I needed constantly holding up.