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"The world is not intolerable until the possibility of transforming it exists but is denied". John Berger Understanding a Photograph 2013 page 8

"Everywhere there are forces that divide us. From all directions we face the imperative to take individual responsibility for our actions and even our feelings, within constraints that we did not chose and that we do not support". Critical Resilience for Nurses 2017 pages 139-140

"When I reached the gate it turned out that neither of the keys fitted the lock, so I climbed over the wall". W.G.Sebald The Emigrants 1993 pages 222-3

"After our meeting I decided to find my way to Copeland Park. I remember that it was still raining heavily and that the collapsible umbrella I had with me more or less collapsed. Even in the rain it was a relief to discard it in a bin and leave it behind. I caught the 37 bus to Peckham Rye, travelling in my favourite seat up at the top in the front". from Tales of Resilience chapter 8

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